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Laura Fandino's life journey began in the mountains of Colombia, home to the heart of the world. That is very relevant here because everything Laura does is lead from her heart space. Her passion for life and beyond have inspired deep curiosity to implore and explore beyond the limits of her life experience. 

Laura Fandino cannot be described with specific titles, sure she is a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Certified, absolutely she is a creative, a visionary, an artist, and an advisor of Gods, but the essence of her being could never be put into words. Preferably it is important to speak on her intentions, values, and goals with all that you are witnessing here.
(this third person thing is odd to me)

The Advisor of Gods, for me, is a title associated with what I feel my purpose and intention is. To, in integrity, be the keeper of the divine records I have been given, to be the mediator. To form an opinion or conclusion about something one must be able to see things through a balanced lens.

Balance is my truth and everything I uphold.
It is of my inner most importance to be able to see things from a full spectrum perspective and to hold accountability in truth. 

My mission is to provide guidance to those desiring to live immortality by means of themselves alone; to mortals desiring the path of the eternal Essence.
My vision is to
empower people to, through the harmonics of their infinite potential, create freely in love and truth.

I trust that everything you find here reflects that.

I thank you so much for being, as your existence alone means EVERYTHING to the cosmos.

It is truly an honor to serve you, creator.

Your potential is infinite and your infinity is love.



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